Governor Inslee, on Thursday, announced several upcoming changes to the state’s reopening plan and it has left WSCA members with a few questions.  Specifically, what those changes mean for their offices.  The short answer is: there are no changes for chiropractic clinics.

  • Beginning on March 1, the state’s requirement for proof of vaccination at large events will end.  However, the requirement for healthcare providers to maintain documentation of their vaccination/exemption status remains in place.
  • Beginning on March 21, the state’s mask mandate for the general public in indoor spaces will end.  However, this change does not apply to healthcare settings.
  • The newly announced changes only pertain to state regulations–federal regulations remain unchanged and masks will still be required in federal buildings and on modes of interstate travel, such as airlines.
  • Local jurisdictions and private businesses will still be free to impose stricter conditions and the upcoming proclamation will include terms protecting an individual’s right to continue wearing masks, even if their employer or a business they are frequenting has lifted the restriction.
  • There is no projected end date for the vaccination/exemption documentation requirement, nor for the mask mandate in healthcare settings, but these changes suggest that those others may soon be on the horizon.
  • Washington chiropractors should continue to conduct business as they have been, remain vigilant, and take care to ensure they are still fully complying with the existing regulations on healthcare.  An investigation for one alleged violation opens the door to investigate for all potential violations.  Healthcare providers are still being scrutinized.  This is not the time to be lax on compliance