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WSCA's Latest Newsletter

Urgent Alert: Update on HB 1655 This legislative session, the WSCA built a coalition with 17 other healthcare professions to promote HB 1655, the bill that would require insurance carriers to include annual cost-of-living increases in...

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Contact Your Representatives NOW!!!

Washington chiropractors have done an outstanding job taking quick action these last two weeks when we've asked, and now we have another time-sensitive ask... HB 1655 passed out of the House Health Care & Wellness Committee yesterday afternoon.  That's great...

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in Support of SB 6161

SB 6161, the Senate's companion bill to the House's HB 1655 requiring cost-of-living adjustments in provider fee schedules, is scheduled for a public hearing tomorrow, January 30 at 8:00am. YOU MUST SIGN-IN TODAY TO HAVE YOUR POSITION COUNTED.  To note your position...

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