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The Washington State Chiropractic Association (WSCA) is Washington’s only professional organization representing Doctors of Chiropractic. Established in 1991, WSCA has been growing strong ever since with doctors from across the entire state joining forces to protect, promote and improve the chiropractic profession for a strong and healthy future for all.


Boldly committed to health and vitality.


Helping Chiropractors Help Patients


People of all ages will enjoy the benefits of a robust and vigorous life that only a healthy spine and nervous system can afford. They will be aware that chiropractic is the path to that reality and will enthusiastically seek chiropractic care in their pursuit of maximum health and wellness.

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May 22, 2024: WSCA Connect Early Bird Ends Next Week; F4CP Social Media Resources; Olympic Collections May 15, 2024: WA Personal Injury Summit; ChiroFEST Registration Open; Suicide & Crisis Lifeline Website May 8, 2024: Contact Congress; CBD in Chiropractic Care;...

Urgent Alert: Update on HB 1655

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzpTgvwsm6o&feature=youtu.be This legislative session, the WSCA built a coalition with 17 other healthcare professions to promote HB 1655, the bill that would require insurance carriers to include annual cost-of-living increases in...

Contact Your Representatives NOW!!!

Washington chiropractors have done an outstanding job taking quick action these last two weeks when we've asked, and now we have another time-sensitive ask... HB 1655 passed out of the House Health Care & Wellness Committee yesterday afternoon.  That's great...

Your Voice for Positive Change

Through strength and unity, WSCA is your powerful voice affecting positive, pro-chiropractic change. WSCA employs a full time lobbyist to fight the battles in our state legislature that threaten chiropractic’s inclusion and recognition in our health care system. WSCA stays on top of industry and policy issues and works fiercely on your behalf to represent and protect your best interests, keeping you informed every step of the way. Through direct relationships we’ve established with insurance providers, WSCA works to facilitate progress and improvement in chiropractic coverage, benefits and care for our citizens.

Your #1 Information Source

WSCA is your source for credible, timely and accurate information. WSCA is ready and able to contact the entire membership base with critical alerts on a moment’s notice through our broadcast fax and email service. The value of this service is especially realized during the legislative session when a call to doctors to assist the WSCA lobbyist during pivotal moments of key legislation is critical to the final outcome. WSCA is also extremely proud of its award-winning, professional publication, Plexus, providing the latest in chiropractic news, information and events for chiropractors across Washington State. However, information dissemination is not limited to internal communication. WSCA also provides a chiropractic referral service to the general public, with over 2,000 referrals made through phone, fax and email in 2003! 

Your Professional Development Resource

WSCA is committed to your education and professional development! Through continuing professional education credits at state-wide conferences, local seminars, online education and special events, WSCA works hard to bring you the very best speakers and seminars to ensure you stay current with the latest research, knowledge, skills and ideas. In addition to your continuing education, WSCA sponsored events are an excellent opportunity to keep in touch with your fellow doctors as you come together to learn, share and grow in the spirit of chiropractic.

Who’s a Member? Are YOU a Member?

If you are a chiropractor in Washington State, you are a part of the “body” that the WSCA works to protect and serve. Some chiropractors are very conscious of this body they belong to, and do their part to nurture it to its full potential. These are the WSCA’s active, dues paying members. They are the backbone of the association. They take an interest in the WSCA’s efforts, and work hard to ensure its ongoing success.

Other chiropractors neglect this body. They are either unaware of WSCA and its work or they consciously choose to ignore the association. Membership is an individual choice, and each individual choice impacts the entire body of the WSCA. With so many external forces threatening our existence, can we afford to be compromised from within? All chiropractors belong to the body. Each individual chiropractor has the power to help us or to hurt us. United, we can be healthy and strong and reach our highest potential!

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One great thing about being a member of the WSCA is the fellowship with other members in our Chiropractic family from all over the state!

Diane M. Sherwood-Palmer, DC