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WSCA Annual Conference Issue! Everything you need to know about WSCA Connect happening October 27-28. Check it out!


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It is the policy of the WSCA to produce publications for the following purposes: to keep the membership informed on issues of concern and current news; to improve communication and cooperation between members of the profession, and between the profession and the WSCA; to promote and advance the activities, goals and objectives of the WSCA; to provide a forum for input and exchange regarding the direction of healthcare and the chiropractic profession; and to provide a venue for promotion of the WSCA’s corporate membership while providing financial support to the WSCA.

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It is the policy of the WSCA to extend display advertising opportunities in Plexus only to those companies and/or individuals who choose to affiliate with the WSCA as Corporate Members. DCs who maintain outside business interests in addition to their chiropractic practice are invited to increase their involvement as Corporate Members and thus enjoy the privilege of advertising their products in Plexus.

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September 20, 2023: Reserve Your Hotel Room; F4CP LinkedIn Articulator; SkedgeAlert September 13, 2023: See Dr. Heidi Haavik; Adjusted Reality Podcast; Stirling Professional September 6, 2023: Get Your Seat at WSCA Connect '23 NOW!!!; Meet with Triad Aer; Online Chiro...

Practical Tips to Improve Posture at Home and at Work

We all strive for a healthier and more comfortable lifestyle—and maintaining good posture is a crucial aspect of achieving that goal. Whether you're working from home or simply going about your daily activities, following these tips can make a significant difference...

Discover the Benefits of Proper Posture

Welcome to our friendly guide on the advantages of maintaining proper posture. It's not just about looking good but also about feeling great. At the Washington State Chiropractic Association (WSCA), we believe that by prioritizing good posture, you can enhance your...

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One great thing about being a member of the WSCA is the fellowship with other members in our Chiropractic family from all over the state!

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WSCA Feb March Cover

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WSCA Annual Conference Issue! Everything you need to know about WSCA Connect happening October 27-28. Check it out!