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The WSCA offers members a variety of online learning options to help meet their continuing education requirements. Each is offered as a convenient supplement to the major conferences and other live workshops provided through the association. 

Click here to view the courses we currently have available.

We also have resources available for your staff, offered through Assistants for Chiropractic Excellence (A.C.E.). 

A.C.E. Chiropractic Assistants Network

The A.C.E. training program offers one-hour teleconference courses each month. Each segment concentrates on a specific condition within the office. Overall, the program helps the doctor and staff to achieve: higher profits, less office stress and turnover, and more freedom through a well-trained staff. Click here to learn more.

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December 6, 2023: Resources from Dr. Haavik; Conslidate Student Loans; ACE November 29, 2023: End-of-Year Membership Drive; Strange Requests for Records; WSCA Apparel November 22, 2023: Grassi Named State Leader of the Year; Mysterious Disappearance; In Memoriam;...

CBD + Pain Management: An Opioid-Free Treatment for Chronic Pain

We all have moments of aches and pains, some more debilitating than others. When discomfort strikes, many people turn to over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceuticals for relief. However, these are often short-term solutions for larger issues. And, if those larger problems...

Donate Blood Today!

The WSCA was informed yesterday afternoon that the widow of a once-prominent member of our association is currently in the hospital awaiting an extensive surgery that will require multipl blood transfusions. She is Type O-Positive, which is the most common blood type;...

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One great thing about being a member of the WSCA is the fellowship with other members in our Chiropractic family from all over the state!

Diane M. Sherwood-Palmer, DC