Washington chiropractors have done an outstanding job taking quick action these last two weeks when we’ve asked, and now we have another time-sensitive ask…

HB 1655 passed out of the House Health Care & Wellness Committee yesterday afternoon.  That’s great news–but the bill also has to pass out of the Appropriations Committee by Monday in order to keep the bill alive.

Click the link below to find your representatives’ contact info, then call and email them with the following message.  We need you to do this TODAY.

I am reaching out to respectfully ask that HB 1655 get a hearing in the Appropriations Committee today. I am very thankful for your support of this bill, which would require insurers to include annual cost-of-living increases in their provider agreements. This legislation is critical for the many chiropractors who struggle to keep up with the increasing costs of salaries and other overhead, but who have not received a fee increase in 20 years. If you have any questions about HB 1655, please contact our lobbyist, Lori Grassi, at (253) 988-0500.”